How did Mark Cuban get rich?

Mark Cuban is a 53-year-old billionaire with a 24,000 square foot mansion. He earned his incredible fortune not by waiting around on others, but by being unafraid to seize opportunities when they presented themselves.How did he know what to go for, and what to hold back on?

His three basic rules of wealth building are 1.) save your money, 2.) learn your business inside and out, and 3.) hunt for great deals; they are always hidden. Once you have sufficient capital and understand how your market works, you will be able to spot the truly rare deals that will amplify a modest success into a mind-blowing financial deal.

Mark spent years perfecting the art of business. He learned how to give clients what they wanted in a way that was beneficial to both him and the client. In this way, he rapidly built both his business and his reputation. He began to understand shifts in the market, and how to insert himself into the gaps it created. In this way, he seized incredibly profitable opportunities.Now he’s one of the richest men in the world, simply because he was unafraid to say “yes.”

Marc Cuban